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deleon consulting

creating your path to inclusivity

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You can count on Me.

To assist you in building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion solutions with your success in mind.

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Services Provided

I'm proud to offer my diversity, equity and inclusion expertise to bring the right talent and create an inclusive culture to drive business results. My services are designed to help companies and entrepreneurs reach their goals. Browse through my website to learn how I can assist you achieve your diversity strategies, goals, programs and more.

Strategy development

market insights

Customized solutions

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strategy development

Creating a plan to promote and foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment within your organization.

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market insights

Helping you to understand the current state of DEI efforts across various industries and sectors, as well as, identifying emerging practices, challenges and opportunities.

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Customized solutions

Tailored strategies and initiatives designed to address specific diversity, equity and inclusion needs of your organization. These solutions are customized based your organization’s unique culture, goals, challenges and workplace demographics.

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DEI Insights & Best Practices

Do your employees feel psychologically safe?

Fear often hinders our employees ability to authentically express themselves. Society imposes expectations that compels them to present only the parts of themselves that conform to others' comfort zones. Unfortunately, this suppressive behavior takes a toll on their mental well-being.

By constantly concealing their true selves, they risk losing touch with their own identity. Are your employees suffocating their true nature in the pursuit of pleasing others?

Consider who benefits from self-censorship. More often than not, it is the fear of rejection and the pressure to meet societal standards that drives employees to hide their genuine selves. However, it is vital to realize that striving for external validation may result in sacrificing their ability to live as their authentic selves and reach their full potential.

To begin this transformative journey, we must halt the habit of self-judgment. Embrace all aspects of yourself, including our shortcomings. Recognize that imperfection does not diminish our value; on the contrary, it makes us uniquely perfect in our own right.

I challenge leaders to help their employees to overcome their fears. Take the necessary time for introspection and self-discovery. To have faith in themselves and you (leader) to take the risk of vulnerability, allowing others to witness their true selves. In doing so, they will experience a profound sense of liberation, as the weight of pretense is lifted off their shoulders. Rediscover their inner light and passion. Only then can they (employees) engage at a highly productive level and thrive. This remarkable transformation empowers them to fulfill their true purpose and the company’s.

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  • Neuroleadership Coach
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