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deleon consulting

creating your path to inclusivity

At every step of the journey, adopting a coaching mindset to guide and support you.

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Inclusivity Insights

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The Evolution of DEI in the Workplace

As we reflect on the trajectory of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the workplace, it's clear that the landscape has undergone profound changes.

Psychological Safety at Work

Do your employees feel psychologically safe? Fear often hinders our employees ability to authentically express themselves. .

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You can count on Me.

To guide you in developing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion solutions, integrating coaching with your success as my primary focus.

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Services Provided

I am pleased to offer my knowledge in diversity, equity, and inclusion, in addition to providing extensive coaching services. My goal is to empower individuals, attract the right talent, and foster an inclusive culture that enhances business success. Tailored for individuals, companies, and entrepreneurs, my services are crafted to help them achieve their maximum potential. Discover how I can support you in realizing your diversity objectives, goals, programs, and beyond, with a special emphasis on empowering individuals through personalized coaching and assistance.

Strategy development

market insights

Coaching solutions

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strategy development

Creating a plan to promote and foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment within your organization.

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market insights

Helping you to understand the current state of DEI efforts across various industries and sectors, as well as, identifying emerging practices, challenges and opportunities.

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coaching solutions

Personalized coaching strategies are developed to address your organization's individual needs and challenges. Tailored to suit your workplace's unique culture, goals, and demographics, these solutions focus on empowering individuals through targeted coaching, ensuring a more inclusive and equitable environment.

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Provide guidance, feedback, and support to individuals to help them improve their skills, overcome challenges, and achieve their personal or professional goals. It involves one-on-one sessions, observations, and personalized training to enhance the development and performance of individuals. The goal of coaching is to facilitate continuous improvement, boost motivation, and ultimately support individuals in realizing their full potential.

- Coaching

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a popular tool that evaluates an individual's intercultural competence by assessing their attitudes, knowledge, and skills in interacting across cultures. After taking the assessment, a certified IDI facilitator interprets the results to identify strengths and areas for improvement. This process aims to increase cultural awareness, promote intercultural learning, and enhance skills for effective communication in diverse environments.

–IDI Assessments and Debriefs

Everything DiSC is a personality assessment tool based on the DiSC model, categorizing personalities into four types - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. It helps individuals understand their behavioral preferences, improve communication, manage conflicts, and build better relationships at work. Used for leadership development, team building, and communication training to enhance self-awareness and interpersonal dynamics within organizations.

- Everything DiSC by Wiley

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our coaching model


At DeLeon Consulting, LLC, under the guidance of Principal Coach Francisca Brown, we are proud to introduce our proprietary coaching model: FOCUS. This model encapsulates our approach to coaching, combining deep expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with tailored strategies to empower our clients. FOCUS is designed to help individuals and organizations achieve clarity, drive personal and professional growth, and realize their goals with precision and purpose.



We start by establishing a strong foundation of trust and understanding. This involves exploring your core values, beliefs, and the vision you have for yourself or your organization. A solid foundation ensures that our coaching is aligned with what matters most to you.



Together, we define clear, achievable objectives. Whether it’s enhancing leadership skills, navigating career transitions, or fostering an inclusive workplace culture, setting specific goals is crucial for success.



Recognizing the unique needs and challenges of each client, we customize our coaching approach. This step involves tailoring strategies, tools, and interventions specifically designed to address your individual circumstances and goals.



A deep understanding of the dynamics at play in your personal and professional life is key to our coaching effectiveness. This involves continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring that our strategies remain relevant and impactful as situations evolve.



Our ultimate aim is to guide you to success. Through ongoing support, accountability, and strategic guidance, we help you implement your action plan, overcome obstacles, and celebrate achievements. Success in our model is not just about reaching your goals but also about the personal growth and insights gained along the way.

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Psychological safety in the workplace

Do your employees feel psychologically safe?

Fear often hinders our employees ability to authentically express themselves. Society imposes expectations that compels them to present only the parts of themselves that conform to others' comfort zones. Unfortunately, this suppressive behavior takes a toll on their mental well-being.

By constantly concealing their true selves, they risk losing touch with their own identity. Are your employees suffocating their true nature in the pursuit of pleasing others?

Consider who benefits from self-censorship. More often than not, it is the fear of rejection and the pressure to meet societal standards that drives employees to hide their genuine selves. However, it is vital to realize that striving for external validation may result in sacrificing their ability to live as their authentic selves and reach their full potential.

To begin this transformative journey, we must halt the habit of self-judgment. Embrace all aspects of yourself, including our shortcomings. Recognize that imperfection does not diminish our value; on the contrary, it makes us uniquely perfect in our own right.

I challenge leaders to help their employees to overcome their fears. Take the necessary time for introspection and self-discovery. To have faith in themselves and you (leader) to take the risk of vulnerability, allowing others to witness their true selves. In doing so, they will experience a profound sense of liberation, as the weight of pretense is lifted off their shoulders. Rediscover their inner light and passion. Only then can they (employees) engage at a highly productive level and thrive. This remarkable transformation empowers them to fulfill their true purpose and the company’s.

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  • Neuroleadership Certified Coach
  • CaPP Institute Certified Coach
  • Intercultural Development Inventory Adminstrator
  • Authorized Everything DiSC Partner
  • International Coaching Federation Member
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Francisca Brown, Principal Coach at DeLeon Consulting, LLC, is a dynamic DEI advocate and seasoned executive coach with a deep-seated passion for fostering inclusive cultures and empowering individual and organizational growth. With over two decades of experience across multiple industries, Francisca's expertise lies in her ability to blend diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies with personalized coaching to drive transformative change. Her innovative approach has not only reshaped the way organizations operate but has also helped countless leaders and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential. Dedicated to making a meaningful impact, Francisca continues to inspire and guide her clients towards achieving excellence in their personal and professional lives.

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